Shushtar Historical City & Dezful Historical City

Shushtar Historical City & Dezful Historical City



 A) Shushtar Historical City

One of the oldest cities in Iran, Shushtar in Khuzestan Province, has famous attractions such as Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, a network of watermills, weir bridges, dams, water channels, rivers, and moats along with a castle which controlled the flow of the operation.


B) Dezful Historical City

Dezful is located beside the Dez River, and its history dates back to the Sassanian period.


A Video Clip of (1) Shushtar City & (2) Dezful City


A Video Clip of Dezful Bridge

The distance of 55 kilometers between Shushtar and Dezful cities makes it is easy to visit them during short time. However, it is possible to visit only one of two cities or only visit most important historical places of each cities.

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