Tour of Local Living /Traditional Arabs

Tour of Local Living /Traditional Arabs

Here, Arabs refers to the citizens or residents of Iran who are ethnically Arab in which mostly they live in Khuzestan province. They are native speakers of Arabic. The variety of Arabic spoken in the province is Khuzestani Arabic. It can be easily understood by other Arabic-speakers.

The Arab ethnic groups in Iran as well as the other ethnic groups in Iran has special culture and customs which can attract attention of many of tourists.

We are ready to plan a tour of local living for who wishes to live among traditional Arabs in villages. In such a type of tour, a tourist may live for how long he/she wishes. So, he/she can learn so much about culture and customs of Arabs.

For more information and planning, please contact us.

Steeped in history and culture, living with traditional Arabs is a wealth of attractions and things to do and see. It might be difficult to figure out which customs should be your priority, but here’s a list of favorite attractions that you can’t miss on your trip to this exciting province.



A Video Clip of Mozeef


A Video Clip of Chobieh


A Video Clip of Gargee'an

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